marți, 25 ianuarie 2011

Thursday Thirteen #8

Happy 100th edition to Thursday Thirteen! To celebrate, instructions were giving out to all Thursday Thirteen participants to write about 13 of our favorite lists. I've read many good lists, for sure, but the funny ones are the ones that I especially remember. Therefore, my 13 funny lists are here for your enjoyment. Because if I'm laughing, I think that you are laughing as well. Well, at least I'd hope so! And why not share a laugh or 13?

**Thirteen Funny Thursday Thirteens**

1. Sam over at Temporarily Me with this list: Glamorous Geek Please go read this girl's stuff. She is very real and very funny!

2. Annie over at Blue Monkey Jammies, with her list of 13 Dangerous Things. They are SO true it's scary.

3. The Rock Chick over at Life is Rantastic! with Thirteen Reasons Why I Think Paris Might Have Been Released from Jail Early. Even if you aren't a Paris fan of any kind, you'll still find these amusing!

4. Mommy the Maid cracks me up all the time. Check out another list from her that'll make you laugh, titled Thirteen Things to make you laugh.

5. Rhonda Stapleton's post titled Thirteen People I Wanted to Be When I Was A Kid. A Great list and a great writer. Kevin Arnold's girlfiend! Ha! I wanted to be Donny Osmond's girlfriend, but I'm OLD!

6. Write Out's shares her wit with her post, Thirteen things that irritate the holy hell out of me. Amen SISTER!

7. Christine D'Abo's listed 13 jokes. I especially like #3: Why are hemorrhoids called hemorrhoids instead of “assteroids”?
8. Lulubunny's list over at 3am Therapy Sessions, 13 Things she Can't Live Without. I LOVE this list. Could be me. MMM, delivery guys.

9. Shelly Kneupper Tucker's post about the symptoms of blog addiction. I think I actually peed a little when I read this.

10. Carol over at A View of the World from the Middle shares Words that Make You Sound Smarter than You Are. Funny stuff!

11. Toni at Special K Family's list titled Please raise your big toe and repeat after me: You HAVE to go read this. Definitely snort milk outta your nose material.

12. Mama over at Mama's Moon shares The 13 Different Types of Friends Every Woman Should Have. Funny, and very very true!

For #13, I'll share my favorite list from MY short list of lists. A typical list of WHYS.

Enjoy these funny lists, and please go read more of these great blogs. There are some GREAT writers out in blogland who write some amazing things. So go go Go!

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And have a great Thursday!