marți, 25 ianuarie 2011


Now I have a thing about clowns. They kinda FREAK me out. But I was just nominated for Class Clown over at An Island Life and now you can all vote for me so I can WIN! Yes...WIN!! It's the First Annual Bloggy Hoss Elections, and I want to win VERY badly! I didn't win a senior class superlative in high school (although I SHOULD'VE, but that silly saxophone player girl beat me out, the band geek! Wait, I was a band geek, too... shit...) so go vote!
I think I only get the title, but oh my, how glorious it would be! So get over to An Island Life between Saturday, July 7th (tomorrow) and Tuesday, July 10th. I'm not sure how many times you can vote, but I'd appreciate just 1 from all 15 of you.

I will bribe you with everything I can get my hands on and send to you via UPS. PLEASE! I just want a little old title. Is that SO much to ask for? HMMMMMMMM?

(Say it with me - cookies of your choice, cookies of your choice...)
And whoever nominated me for this award, thanks a million. You TOTALLY made my day. Seriously!

Have a great weekend, everyone! XOXO